The Saints of Virtue

The Saints of Virtue is a group founded in 2015 by Keith Carichner Jr. We are a community of individuals who share a common goal of promoting thoughtful discussion and sharing of ideas, while respecting privacy and avoiding the invasiveness of modern web and applications.

Our organization values open communication, and we strive to maintain a welcoming and respectful environment for all members. Through our dedication to privacy and respectful communication, we aim to provide a platform for meaningful and productive discussion on a variety of topics.

The Saints Creed

We are The Saints of Virtue,
Bound by faith, honor, and duty.
With the Full Armor of God we prepare,
To bravely face life's challenges with dare.

With the Shield of Faith we defend,
And with the Sword of the Spirit, we do not bend.
For we are called to exterminate damnation,
And stand firm against all temptation.

Loyalty to our fellow Saints is our pride,
As we stand by each other, side by side.
And when the darkness comes to call,
We shall rise and never fall.

For we are The Saints of Virtue,
Bound by a sacred oath and a mission to pursue.
To defend our members and our cause,
And uphold the values that define our laws.

For we are the proud, the strong, the few,
For we are The Saints of Virtue.